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Large fetish carvings by the Zuni & Isleta Pueblo Indians of the Southwest, Spirit Of The Lioness specializes in renowned Native American fetish carvings in …

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This is the “Stone Fetishes, Carved by Zuni Indians of New Mexico” Page# 101. The Hottest American Indian Jewelry Site On The Web (In Our Humble Opinion).

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Zuni Spirits: Authentic Zuni fetish, Zuni fetishes and Zuni Fetish Carvings direct from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico!

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Zuni Turquoise Multi Gem Multi Fetish Sterling Necklace Signed Lena Boone $425.00 Measurements: 30 inches long Center Eagle: 1 3/8 inches long, just under 1/2 inch wide Stones & s: 1 Center Red Spiny Oyster Eagle with 3 Turquoise Inlay Dots on The Back and Turquoise Inl

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The Indian Craft Shop represents the work of American Indian Artists from across the country.

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Indian fetishes are hand-carved objects, which represent the spirits of s or the forces of nature. From the earliest times in North America, the Indians have used fetishes in an effort to master the arbitrary and unpredictable forces beyond their control.

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We sell Zuni Fetishes at affordable prices and provide you with this page of information about the art form and people who carve for us.